Mittwoch, 3. Dezember 2008

Behind your wall

behind your wall
I have never seen
never been close
someone has ever been?
your honest. lovely and so intelligent
you are just eloquent

convinced me dayly
lately I m wondering
if talking to you is like a perfect fiction
feel just like my own reflection
so I go for a walk to feel unsteady
and I would want you to follow me
but you wouldnt dare to you see

if I would change and everything
and stop to talk in ifs and woulds
you would be the same
and choose your game

I know your instruments
you re killing me with arguments
I just let you make your point
And it wont hurt we'll smoke a joint

just like I am I love your fiction
one day its real and it will never change
you couldnt stay the words I say
thats why I go an other way
and I ll wait until this energy
will explode between you an me

thats why I left and said goodbye
altough I had heard you cry
but you know I can simplify
if you dont wait until you die

cause I wont change
I ll be all my selfs
I have feelings and selfconfidence
now I realized that you
didnt love didnt saw me trough

the question left is if and how
you can get to trust me now
cause I will throw our arguments
in a wide ocean of indifference
I ll throw all the arguments
and all I ll feel will be indifference

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